Allowing God’s Indulgence in Our Lives

time for life

After a soaking session with a small group of women from my home church, we talked about dreaming for ourselves again and not limiting what God can do in our lives. The message we received was that God wants to indulge himself through us, to bless us with abundance because it pleases him. It’s not about getting what we think we want, but about seeking and knocking until we see what God wants for us. In turn, what He desires for us will become our dreams and those dreams will come true!

So I wanted to ask everyone out there–if you were not limited by anything (spiritual, physical, financial, etc.)–what would be your dream? What glimpse of desire in your heart do you think God has placed there as a spark for you to fan into flame?

My dream is to have a cozy cottage in the mountains– close to water and not too cold–that would be the perfect environment for my family, yet provide a quiet space for me to write inspirational fiction full-time. I would be completely available to my family, expecting interruptions and not feeling stressed about anything, taking breaks to create (bake, paint, quilt, garden), and to give visitors my undivided attention. My income from writing would provide plenty to meet all of our needs plus enough to bless others as opportunities presented themselves. I imagine feeling relaxed, rested and complete in the assurance I would be fulfilling my purpose while indulging God in allowing Him to bless me beyond anything I could do on my own.

What would you dream for yourself in this life? What would your life look without limitations (especially the ones we place on ourselves)?

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