The Story Behind Beyond the Valley

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What Makes the No Eye Has Seen Story Unique?

Lydia’s Isolation. Imagine the only world you’ve ever known included just you and a single parent? That parent is the only other human you’ve interacted with and you’ve had no choice but to believe all their reasoning about your existence and your purpose?

Lydia’s Innocence. In our present age, we are bombarded by media saturation and a million messages about what is right or wrong or good or bad. Lydia is nearly seventeen years old at the start of the story and she has not experienced a world or its influences beyond the Valley. We experience each new discovery through her eyes of faith and her firm belief that somewhere in all the confusion, she will find her purpose in life.

Lydia’s Inhibitions. Due to her upbringing, Lydia is often torn between the rules based on her mama’s lies and her undying curiosity. Is it right for her to have certain feelings? Why can’t she feel the contentment Mama demands? Will the world ever be able to look beyond her past and accept her as one of their own? She strives to please Mama and God no matter what, but this strategy soon backfires and catapults her into a world of people, places, and passions she never imagined possible.

Lydia’s Infatuation. Despite her mama’s efforts, Lydia cannot deny her enchantment with the young man she meets in the forest. Between his determination to rescue her and his undying devotion, she desires his companionship–even when it defies all her mama taught her about God’s plan for their lives.

No Eye Has Seen, Beyond the Valley will bring you to both the familiar and unfamiliar. My hope is that seeing and experiencing the world through Lydia’s eyes and heart will both entertain and enlighten you, and that her story will stick with you as you live out your daily life. Perhaps you will find yourself asking what Lydia would think or do if she were in your shoes? Will you begin to see life in a new way?

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What Readers are Saying About NO EYE HAS SEEN

Here are the initial reviews of the First Edition, published back in May of 2015…

Steeped in the waning years of Nevada County’s gold mining history, readers are propelled into the journey of Lydia and her mother’s own mysterious family history.~Christina I.

This is the story of the challenges Lydia, the main character, faces when her world is turned up-side-down, and the strength of love that pulls her through.~T. Lynn

This book was one of the best books I have ever read! Very detailed and kept me on the edge, not being able to put it down. I can’t wait to read it again and again!~ Summer

Intriguing from the first page, this historical novel takes the reader on an unforgettable journey of romance and discovery. I thoroughly enjoyed every chapter.~ Dana S.

The Conception of No Eye Has Seen: Beyond the Valley

No Eye Has Seen: Beyond the Valley became a twinkle in my eye while I lived in Penn Valley, CA back in 1990. It began as a creative writing prompt in a high school class, where I wrote the first four chapters. Little did I know, the story line would grow and mature as I did over the next twenty years. The protagonist, Lydia, would represent my own persona and journey of growth from girl to woman.

As Lydia discovers who she is apart from the only life she ever knew, she also discovers that every experience and every lie has shaped her for the new life of truth she must embrace. In a similar way, I have learned to let go of the ties of past generations. The ties had somewhat defined the choices I made when I was younger. Those ties had become lies in my mind, lies that would not allow me to experience my life to the fullest. In fact, I nearly destroyed every blessing in my life for believing a lie. Only when I recognized the truth was much larger than my feelings or current circumstances, could I truly embrace my purpose and passion for life.

Lydia takes a similar journey.

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