Book Review: Angels Walking

Angels WalkingAngels Walking by Karen Kingsbury
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I listened to this book on Audible, but plan to also buy the paperback copy because there are several people (including my own children) I want to loan the book to. It is my first Karen Kingsbury novel, to my regret, as I realized I should have been a long-time reader of hers given my own future as an author in the Christian Fiction realm.

Generalities aside, I cannot think of anything I did not enjoy about this story. Every detail, description, exchange of dialogue and point-of-view blended together to create an emotional and realistic story. Although the main story focuses on Tyler and Sami, Karen does an incredible job demonstrating how each person in their paths–including well-disguised angels–played a vital part in the conclusion. However, the part I loved the most was in the end, regardless of everyone else, Tyler and Sami had to choose for themselves.

This is such a key message for those who may misunderstand the Christian calling. Yes, God’s will be done…but he never forces it. And when we decide to yield to his calling, and ultimately realize what is best for us despite what we thought we wanted, the future holds untold blessings. My only disappointment was to find out this was a series and that I have to wait for Book #2 to find out exactly where their final choices will lead!

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