beyond the valley book cover

Below the Mountain

(Book 2: No Eye Has Seen)

Overwhelmed by the demands and unexpected challenges of running a sheep ranch in 1906 Penn Valley, California, Dylan and Lydia Prescot’s marriage is hanging on by a thread. When the couple journey to San Francisco to reignite their marriage and seek answers about Lydia’s heritage, a city-wide disaster separates them while at opposite ends of the city.

Uncertain of the other’s fate, Dylan and Lydia must overcome emotional and physical obstacles to find each other again. Will an unlikely source of hope be the answer to their prayers and give them another chance at a life together before the city destroys them from the inside out?

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…the tension is built throughout…a breakthrough for the whole family rising above the “things that are seen” to “the things that are unseen.”

…fabulously romantic. Great scene-setting and word-painting.

…I’m still floating along like a leaf on this river of misunderstanding, hoping for the moment that light starts to shine. Superb storytelling.

…you feel for Dylan and his inner turmoil. Between his mom, the town gossip, Pete, and Lydia’s distant manners, where does he stand?