Exchanging Platitude for Gratitute – The real key to peace in a fallen world

Among debates on gun control and gun rights (after another school shooting this past week), continued hate for President Trump spewing across social media and news outlets that have long forgotten their role to provide us with unbiased and actual “news” —

I desire more than anything to focus my mind, time, energy — and mostly my heart — on good things.

A week’s reflection of gratitude

Here’s my list of things I’m grateful for from this past week.

I would love to hear yours!

  • This past week I’ve been able to love on and care for my 16-month-old grandson while his hard working parents earn a living doing jobs they enjoy.
  • I spent Valentine’s night with my husband celebrating 25 years since we started dating. We watched light-hearted romantic movies and reminisced about all the things we’ve overcome.
  • With joy that makes my heart burst, I’ve witnessed my adult son play with his new puppy, and have seen more smiles on his face than I’ve seen in years (with the exception of Christmas Day).
  • As our family continues a study on the book of Ephesians twice a week, four of our kids had a snuggle moment. After living apart from our oldest daughter for over five years, then waiting a year for our younger daughter to move back to Idaho from California, this was a moment to cherish for sure!
  • Our business phone started ringing again with legitimate customers, and our schedule is now full after a brief (yet typical) February lull. Not uncommon for us to be slower this time of year, but on the cusp of buying a house, my faith has been stretched to say the least.
  • I finally feel like I have a handle on marketing for our business going forward, and without the need to pay a third party to so-call boost our sales/rankings. (Which I’m praying will mean I can once again work on my personal author blog and book projects on a consistent basis once again!)
  • Though there are areas I’m still praying for breakthroughs and need to practice faith daily, I couldn’t be more blessed!

I know it’s easy for some to default and debate about all the things that should change to make this world a better, safer place. But what it really boils down to in my humble opinion and my tendency to want to avoid conflict when possible is this …

Real, positive change will only happen when we choose

Love and Gratitude


Policies and Platitude

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