From “No Eye Has Seen”, Draft 1

As I begin to work on my fiction projects for the first time in nearly five years, I will be posting glimpses of my inspirational fiction novel. The following is an excerpt from what is currently chapter 11 in my work titled “No Eye Has Seen.”

I will be posting the complete synopsis shortly after the New Year…



            The days seemed to go by much faster than in the Valley. Mrs. O’Shea continues to patiently show me everything involved in running the Bed and Breakfast. I gladly follow her lead, wanting terribly to be of use somehow. I had always had some duty or task to complete in the Valley, and I am grateful that Mrs. O’Shea desires my help. When the afternoon heat thickens the air inside the Inn, she makes up a huge pitcher of lemonade and we sit under the shade of the poplar tree behind the Inn, facing the corral. Then, I fan my face with a folded newspaper and sip on my drink as she reads more entries from Mama’s diary.

April 15, 1885

            Dear Diary,

Why must social caste be so important? I have all the skills of a good wife. I have manners and know how to groom myself. However, none of this seems to matter to Mr. Bennett. Brian only wanted to take me to the theatre, share part of his society life and culture with me. Mr. Bennett refused to acknowledge me for nothing more than a servant. He does not even care that I know how to read or write.

            My parents are no different. They do not think it appropriate for an employer’s son to be pursuing the company of hired help. No matter the future happiness or welfare of their only daughter. They claim they want the best for me, but only for what they see as best. Why does it not matter that Brian sees me for who I am and not what I am?

            Once again, I am short on time and lamp oil, so I must go.



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