Just Getting Started

I have created this site as a mechanism for sharing my journey as a professional communications consultant. I recently graduated with my Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Communications. I honestly do not know what my next step will be. However, I am looking into every opportunity. I hope to take all I have learned through my studies, publishing courses, freelance writing and local community involvement and apply it in the direction of a promising career. Whether that focus takes me into creating my own business or provides me with a chance to perfect my skills in order to benefit an existing company, only the future knows.

I wish I could tell you about the information I plan to share here, but I am not sure what that will be right now. I would like to share bits about my experiences as a volunteer and freelance writer and how they relate to my professional pursuits. I have plans to help a friend develop a business plan. I have proposed a public awareness campaign to a local arts organization but at this point I do now know which role I will be playing in its implementation. I also have two book projects I began a few years ago. One is a historical fiction novel I began writing in a high school creative writing class many years ago. The other is a testimonial of my discovery of a rarely diagnosed digestive disorder carried in my family which is just now being recognized regularly by those in the field of gastroenterology. The book contains information I gathered from both traditional and alternative medicine practitioners as well as recipes I have found beneficial. In addition, my recent explorations into the field of professional communications as well as involvement in the non-profit world have provided a glimpse into the world of grant writing, fundraising and more.

As you can see, there are many directions I can go from here. I am eager to apply as much as I can in a professional setting as well as to have many opportunities to network in person and via online social networking venues.

Stay tuned for content containing samples of my work as well as referrals from my personal and professional circles of influence.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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