March Madness Minus Basketball {flashback}

This post has nothing to do with basketball. I don’t even know enough about the game to draw any parallels. Yet, madness describes my month so far. At least I would be going mad if I didn’t believe there was a purpose beyond myself in it all. As much as I find solace in the ability to plan, write lists, attempt goals, and cross each item off as I go; I have lived life long enough to know things rarely–if ever–go as planned.

March started out with a few simple goals. Putting my health first and making significant progress on my work-in-progress.

These “goals” sound fine and possibly attainable on paper. If only I were a single woman with an unlimited income whose obligations were limited to self-serving, self-indulging task lists. After contemplating what that life would be like, I pull myself out of La La Land and wipe the grin off my face. As crazy as my life is balancing my day job, the things my kids need from me that only a mom can do, feeding my family, balancing our budget, and finding time to accomplish at least the minimal in personal care–I wouldn’t give any of it up in place of possibly reaching my goals with a bit less effort. Oh, and then I have a husband who actually likes to talk, so I guess he gets some time too! (Just kidding, Honey. You know you’re higher on my priority list when I have the choice.)

Many obstacles are making my goals even more difficult than normal. Taking over an hour to decide what to type for this post is one of them!

(Interesting note: I wrote this post last year and never got back to editing our publishing it. Funny that up to this point in the post, my life this March nearly matched up! Now to note the differences…)

I blamed the pain killers I was taking. The month started out with routine filling turning into the need to have a root canal, for which various circumstances (incompetent dental office) and financial set-backs delayed my treatment for at least another week. (Update & Praise Report-my mouth healed after prayer and church and I never needed the root canal!)

At that point in the month we’d celebrated all three of our boys’ birthday, Little League season started, my husband and I enrolled in Love and Logic parenting classes, daylight savings adjustments (I had never had to wake up to go to work after a time change), and instead of being able to use my Fridays to write, I spent hours at various doctor appointments.

It seemed like every evening after work I ran errands or kids around…

Thankfully…I’m in physically better shape. Although my back does bother me daily, an intense 4-months of regular chiropractic care significantly reduced my pain levels from nearly unbearable to manageable.

I am now working full time and as noted in my last published post, we’ve faced two family deaths in the last 6 weeks.

I recall last year, however, I took advantage of my predicament and devoted an entire Saturday to knocking out 6 chapters. Flash forward, Part 1 of my novel is complete, and Part 2 is well on its way.

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