Needing to Network

During this past week, I have realized the need to network. I ordered new business cards reflecting a broader range of services I would like to offer as a contractor. For the time being, I am calling myself a “communications consultant.”

This title will allow me to go beyond freelance writing for magazines. On Thursday, I will be attending the University of Phoenix “Conversations that Motivate”. This is a free workshop and the focus Reinventing Management for the 21st Century.

I am looking forward to learning new strategies regarding managing others as well as meeting some local business people. At this point, I am open to working for an organization or taking on projects as a sub-contractor of sorts.

Some areas I would like to use my skills in are writing grants and business proposals, developing and writing business plans, writing newsletters, updating blog content, and constructing or implementing public relations campaigns.

If you have a need for any of these services, please contact me by responding to this post.

Sometime next week I will be adding samples of grant proposals, my freelance articles, and a public relations plan summary.

I will also be posting about my experience at the University of Phoenix, so stay tuned!

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