New Year, Old Purpose

The past several months my energy and writing focus have been zeroed in on my recipe and diet resource guide for CSID. Though I am honored to help many families around the world and find the need to make healthy and digestive-friendly cooking a priority in my home— my true passion for writing is inspirational fiction.

So with the New Year just days away, I am ready to take on the challenge of revising the first draft of my manuscript No Eye Has Seen while making this blog a priority over my food blog. When it comes to what I am passionate about, inspirational fiction is what drives me. As I reflect on my real life challenges, victories, relationships, and faith–I will be channeling these experiences into my characters and plot for my current project and development of future works.

The timing couldn’t be better as the setting for my story takes place between the Sierra Nevada Foothills and San Francisco in the early 1900’s. Now that I am living directly between those two locations, I am hoping to take several writing retreats as I research and write in the places that inspired my original story.

In addition, I would like to invite my recipe and diet audience to begin following me here, for a needed change of pace beyond the demands of the kitchen and cooking. Join me as I explore and share Lydia’s spiritual journey of discovery and victory despite trying circumstances that are beyond her control.


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