Now is the time for Joy, Abundance, Peace and Rest!

Before I took control of the battle of my mind and gave my circumstances over to God, finding the energy to write seemed impossible. My writing had been on the back-burner despite my initial reaction that job loss=more writing time.

I have this need to get everything else done before I write. I rarely succeed. Eventually I give in, but by then I am tired and creativity is sparse.

Worse than my normal “thinking” mode, I gave into doubt, frustration, and the need to make a very difficult choice.

My frustration, discouragement, fatigue became apparent.

I was tired–that was the only word I could come up with. TIRED.

Thank God, He was still in control! Three weekends in a row, He pressed in…deeper than I expected and brought things to the surface I did not even know existed.

But life does not have to be a series of dramas or traumas. <–Tweet This!

I felt the need to remind myself of all God had brought me through. I needed to believe He meant good and not harm.

My God made beauty from ashes.

My God has anointed me with the oil of gladness.

The LORD, My God saved me and made me a beautiful, spotless Bride of Christ.

My God saved my marriage not once, not twice, but three times!

My God healed my youngest sons of physical and chronic illness.

My God saved my daughter’s from death.

The Savior of my Soul has nurtured a passionate love between my husband and I that is deeper and stronger than ever.

Jesus rescued me from myself as a wayward teenager on a path of destruction.

The LORD, My God instilled in me the desire to be a storyteller–to tell my story and to listen to the stories of others. He called me to use my stories to heal, encourage, and to provide hope.

I was (am) entering a time of REST. This time is meant to equip me fully with all I need to fulfill my calling. No more distractions, no more drama, no more feeling overwhelmed because I cannot possibly do it all.

My harvest time is NOW! I only need to receive it and believe it!


A weekend women’s retreat, a writer’s conference, and some heavy humility and prayer later…the vision is clear.

If I am not resting my mind or body, then I am feeding the craft of writing. I had forgotten how much writing, editing, and reading could fuel and energize me!

A friend thanked me the other day for sharing my writing dreams with her. She said the passion and excitement in my eyes encouraged her! I needed to hear that. I needed to know the passion and drive I have to write will touch lives.


  1. Bless you sweetheart. My prayers are always with you and your fab family! Love you so much and hugs to the family!

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