One Stop for Writers Emotional Wounds Thesaurus – Sharing as I Create Deep Characters for my WIP – PART 1

While seeking ways to create different, yet deep character traits for three sisters in my current WIP, I started to explore One Stop for Writers Emotional Wound Thesaurus. I had just ordered the Emotion and Negative and Positive Trait Thesauruses for reference, but didn’t know how powerful using these three resources could be until I began to dive into the Emotional Wound Thesaurus online.

Now, I already had a general idea of the three sisters – adult women with habits, hangups, and baggage from their childhood and teen years. But how could I ensure I gave them different personalities and responses to their current challenges, despite being sisters and having had several of the same experiences?

Check out my debut video below, and stay tuned for Part 2, where I demonstrate how I’ve used all of these resources and more from One Stop for Writers to create a handy, color-coded binder for easy reference as I build backstory and sketch out scene summaries in preparation for completing my first draft.

Using One Stop for Writers Emotional Wound Thesaurus [VIDEO]


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