Writing and Editing

Have you polished your work, but would like a set of fresh eyes and honest feedback before submission or publication?

Writing is a powerful tool that will never go out of style. We tell our own stories, other’s stories, and purely imagined stories every day. We tell stories when we share information, or desire to sell products or services.

It’s how we tell each story that matters and makes a difference.

Let me help you tell yours!

I can support your writing or editing needs for fiction or non-fiction works, websites, or articles.

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I am currently offering contract work in the following areas:
  • Proofreading Fiction or Nonfiction
  • Copy Editor Services for Fiction or Nonfiction
  • Content Editing for Blogs or Websites (Can Use CMS if Needed)
  • Editing Services, Grammar Checking
  • Writing or Editing Magazine Articles
  • Freelance Writing Projects (Short-Term)

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