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Do you have a story to tell? Maybe you’ve had a fiction book concept mulling about in your head for years, but have yet to get the words down. Or, perhaps your own life experiences would make the perfect memoir or basis for a fiction novel.

In recent years, many people have crossed my path who have a story to tell. But a great story doesn’t automatically make someone a great writer.

I’ve met people who have had their story lay dormant for years, but when they set out to write it realize they have a lot of work to do regarding basic writing skills. This can be discouraging — especially when that person may not have the means to pay expensive ghost writing fees.

As I’ve participated in a critique group for the past several years, my heart has gone out to those with stories to tell, but who need a little help in the areas of basic writing and storytelling skills.

So, before you submit that delicate and personal memoir, or pull out and dust off that fiction novel you started 25 years ago — I am offering my consulting services.

For a nominal fee, I will review your work in complete confidence, provide constructive feedback, and make suggestions for how you can prepare your work for a critique group. I strongly suggest using a critique group before you consider self-publishing or submitting your work to an agent, publisher, or magazine.

Consultation Fee of $50 includes:

Up to 1 hour, including a review of the first three pages of your work and my mentoring package recommendations.

Mentoring Package

Depending on the results of the consultation, I may recommend the following mentoring services:

  • Overview of why you want to tell the story and your target audience
  • Basic spelling, grammar, formatting, and word processing tips that comply with current industry standards
  • Pros and Cons to self-publishing and traditional publishing, depending on your goals
  • Substantive (structure, organization, etc.) Editing for first 2000 words
  • Assisting with formulating a Chapter Summary Outline
  • Line-by-line copy editing and critique for up to 3 chapter rewrites (no more than 8000 words)*

My fees vary depending on the time and effort required for each story project.

What is Your Story

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