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Writing 4 Life! — Workshops for Aspiring Writers

In this age of social media and immediate gratification, youth tell their stories everyday. There is an obvious draw to sharing their lives, but not everything is appropriate for the world to see or read. I believe there is a writer hiding inside every youth. Maybe not the kind that writes university-worthy college essays or the next great fiction-novel-turned-blockbuster.

But they still have a story to tell.

And I believe discovering the best way to tell that story is an essential part to traversing the teen years in a healthy way.

I have my own story of using writing to overcome the obstacles of living my teen years with the residual effects of my parents’ divorce. I used journaling, wrote lots of poetry, created children’s stories, and began writing a couple of novels.

Over the years, I have spoken to numerous English teachers eager to have me speak for their classes. Now that I am published, and have this amazing story to share about how my novel began as a creative writing assignment — I hope to encourage youth to follow their dreams and never give up. Be it their dream to be a published author, or some other dream that may seem impossible at the moment.

Instead of offering specific workshops, I am leaving the content up to the teacher. Are you looking for a lesson on creating a basic story? What about the processes of re-writing or providing valuable critique comments to peers?

Possible topics:

  • Journaling
  • Short Stories
  • Comics/Graphic Novel
  • Essay Critique
  • Freestyle Poetry

Currently, I am providing workshops services free of charge to schools located in the Treasure Valley from Boise to Emmett, Idaho. If your school is outside of these boundaries, please contact me to discuss travel/lodging details.

Private, public, charter, and homeschool groups included!

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